This is a custom built Tarot quad that has been optimized for low weight and long distance FPV flying.  Complete with an exhaustive list of dream features, you can get in the air quickly without building it yourself. 

Features a low weight carbon fibre Tarot frame in 550 size with a Tarot 2 axis, digital gimbal for your Gopro camera. Fatshark Aviator goggles with full OSD system, carbon fibre props and even a complete tracking antenna with tiny telemetry round out this long distance FPV quad.

Unit also  comes with 5, 6600 Mha  batteries, a touch screen balance charger and a Walkera Devo 10 radio, with tilt control, fully bound so you can fly right away.  Gear can be optimized for your budget, add or delete components to meet your needs.  


  1. Tarot carbon fiber quadcopter frame:    US $110
  2. AKE Motors (5 which includes a spare):    US $160
  3. AKE ESC's (5 which includes a spare):   US $130
  4. Tarot gimbal:   US $220

  5. Xaircraft SuperX V1 basic flight controller:  US $400
  6. Xaircraft SuperX OSD:  US $190
  7. ImmersionRC TinyTelemetry: main_page=product_info&cPath=1_38_105_107&products_id=417  US $135
  8. ImmersionRC 600mW transmitter:   US $75
  9. ImmersionRC Duo V3 Diversity Receiver:   US $240
  10. ImmersionRC EzAntennaTracker:   US $100
  11. SpiroNet 5.8Ghz V2:  US $40
  12. Crosshair Antenna 5.8Ghz:  US $75
  13. Helix Antenna 5.8Ghz:  US $60
  14. SpiroNet 5.8Ghz V1:  US $40
  15. Carbon Fiber Propellers 8x4.5 x 4:  US $45
  16. FatShark Aviator V2 FPV goggles:  US $350
  17. FarShark Batteries (3):  US $75
  18. Walkera Devo 10 radio:  US $140
  19. AKE 11.1V 6600mAH (4 of them):  US $505
  20. IMAX X200 Smart battery charger:  US $155

TOTAL Parts Price :  $3245 US

Canadian Price       :  $3476

Shipping                  :  lotsa


This ENTIRE combo in working condition, is being offered by client for $2,250

That is over $1200 in savings and many hours saved in assembly and lotsa shipping costs.

If you want to fly further, now, grab this kit before it's gone.

    Complete tracking antenna solution (camera stand and jet not included)