My aim is to make your experience with your UAV or flying drone, a GREAT experience.

Everything I do is focused on that basic premise.   I don't offer everything or just those things that are popular or make money.  I offer those products and services that I believe will contribute to your successful involvement in this growing phenomenon.  

Yes, I call a phenomenon because of the growth in public awareness, media coverage, product evolution, acceptance and adoption in all kinds of places for all kinds of uses.  More importantly, it's the WOW factor.  When people see their fist remote controlled flying drone, they are usually amazed and they usually want one or want to try flying one.   For many people it immediately opens up a myriad of possible uses and they want to get involved, now. 

Every day dozens of new uses are being announced and the Canadian government is making commercial use of this tool legally available.  Many businesses are already using drones and others such as Amazon have big plans.

UAV's are quickly becoming an indispensable tool for many professionals.   Aerial Videography is now accessible to anyone who wants it. It is incredibly compact, sophisticated and yet available at very low cost.  With the quality of images and video that these drones can produce, many people are incorporating them as a valuable tool to supplement their activities.

The challenge in this rapidly evolving and expanding field is coming up to speed and being current.  There are many vendors and many products out there to sort through and new ones arise daily.   For a newcomer this a daunting and time consuming task.

My goal is to save you the time and uncertainty in researching and navigating the plethora of offerings on the web.  I  provide a distilled product offering which meets the basic premise, success in you endeavor with UAV's.

Whether you are new to the field or an early adaptor, my aim is to give you those things you need to plan, buy, build or  repair your drone with confidence and in one location, Drones Toronto. 

If you have a great idea and need help in presenting it to your stakeholders, speak with us about our consultation service. 

I ask for your support and hope to build great ongoing customer relationships.  If you are happy with your visit at Drones Toronto,  talk us up with someone you know, or write us up on a blog or a forum.  We are a new Canadian business and hope to become a common name for anything 'drone'.  I appreciate your support in any form and I look forward to dealing with you.



Peaceful sunrise moment captured at Bluffers park. Over water video captured with a DJI Phantom equipped with a Gopro Hero3 silver.