DJI Zenmuse Z15-5D III (HD) 3-Axis Gimbal for Canon 5D Mark III

This is a great 3 axis camera gimbal that is specifically designed to hold a camera the size and weight of a Cannon 5D  Mark III.  

This is the HD version, this is very important if you are using the DJI Lightbridge.  It will allow hooking up via the HD input to Lightbridge directly from the supplied GCU.

If you need a gimbal to carry the weight of the 5D Mark III, look no further, this unit is a great solution and it is offered at a great price. When you can find one in stock, place like B&H are charging $1599 USD without shipping, duty or taxes.   We are offering this brand new unit for just $1300 CAD plus taxes.  

This unit will bolt directly on to the DJI S1000.  It will fit on the DJI S900 but the S1000 is recommended.


  • Stabilizes Camera and Keeps Shot Level
  • Control Angle Accuracy: ±0.02°
  • ±360°Pan / ±25° Roll
  • +15°/-120° Tilt
  • Integrated IMU Module
  • AV Pass-Through for Video Transmitter
  • Remote Shutter Release Operation
  • Three Selectable Control Modes
  • For A2 and WooKong-M Flight Controllers
  • For Octo-Rotor Such as S1000 and S900 and S800


Please note that the pictures for the SD and HD versions are almost identical.  

The HD version has a switch on the left side of the lens opening which allows you to select HD or AV.  

The SD version does not have the switch and thus puts out only AV non digital signal.  This unit is next to impossible to find anymore on the internet.  This is a brand new unit.

The other noteable difference between the two units is that the HD version has a GCU marked as  Zenmuse Z15 5D HD  whereas the SD version is marked as just Zenmuse SD.  

The third type is marked as Zenmuse Z15 GCU and is for the Panasonic GH4 camera only.