** New Year Promotions **

DJI still has some special pricing in effect following the holiday season. 

We provide price matching on DJI products found on any major Canadian stores.   


Don't forget that the OSMO line is also being promoted so check them out.  I have used the OSMO and it is a terrific tool that provides a steady image from many points of view normally not achieved with standard cameras.  The mobile version allows you to easily mount your Cellphone to act as the camera.

Free 1 hour training provided with all DJI units picked up.  This consists of verbal tutorial followed by basic flight demonstration and training.  We cover the use of the DJI GO and GO4 App and explain the hardware.  You have a chance to ask questions and discuss other aspects of the UAV industry.  Our aim is to provide you with adequate skills to walk away a confidant and capable operator.