April 09, 2014

Drones Toronto changes in hours of operation and ordering policy

Hello all current Drones Toronto customers, followers and all who may read this post. 

I am in the process of shifting the focus of Drones Toronto to become more service oriented.  We are getting a large number of requests for custom built units and modifications for FPV to current out of the box solutions.  

It has become increasingly difficult to keep DJI products in stock and ensure timely delivery.   As a result I am now switching over from retail model to custom build and pre-order / pre-pay arrangements.  My site still reflects all the items that are stocked and available for your builds.  Other items can be obtained similarly.

I will not be marking up component parts but charging for labour only at a rate of $60 / hour.

Drones Toronto retail showroom will still be stocked but walk in traffic will now be available by prior appointment only.

All these changes are in response to what our customer response has been.   We strive to provide the highest level of one on one consulting and service work for all modification, repair and custom builds.

We continue to provide consulting services and will shortly be providing insured, approved flight / filming service.  Please follow us on Twitter for latest updates.

Thank you for your patronage.  From our customer's point of view, we are hoping the only visible change will be the requiremet to schedule times.  Please contact us via Email for fastest response at DronesToronto@gmail.com


Eihab Saeed said:

I know you can purchase your drones from diffrent outlets weather here in Canada or the States, but I would highly reccommend to purchase from Danny (Drones Toronto) I purchased my 2nd unit from him before, the service was unmatched, the knowledge he passed down to you its preceless at it may cost you a lot to learn it the hard way.

Thanks Dany and good luck with your transition.

Eihab/ PhilioVideo.com


valentino bernardi said:

I need your help, I have a black screen when I fly my drone, everything else works. DJI Phantom 2. I know its an old drone but I love it, HELP!

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